About Us

We have been at the epitome of travel for almost a decade. We believe the key to our success has been the potential of our staff and on ground experience. Our teams have pioneered new destinations and regions; they have set the standards of superlative service and excellence. They are chosen for their ultimate dedication to understanding those individualistic touches that make your tour both different and unique. However, we do more than just add value through information and inspiration. Through our name & our network around the world we provide those little special things that make a huge difference to your tour.

Our Reach – Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe and Australia

What sets us apart ?

We strive at every turn to redefine your notion of what is possible on a Tour. Our approach combines personal offline service with insider details unlike any you have ever experienced. Our team lets you discover the realms of a destination through the eyes of a local resident and offers a special personalised tour plan. That personal touch is what we strive to provide to every customer of our company.

Founder’s Message


“I believe that the most important things in our life are not tangible possessions, but rather the experiences that bring us closer to each other and most importantly ourselves. You may build mansions, buy super expensive cars and private planes, afford exquisite designer labels but there is one thing that has endless possibilities that’s why no purchase or investment has competition to travel. I still regard this as the most relaxing & a great pastime. Our goal has always been to provide amazing escapades and voyages. Our travel suggestions include our inside approach and our independent trips feature experienced local guides & tour directors who posses superlative knowledge of the destinations on your itineraries. Though a journey has to end in a matter of days or weeks, the memories don’t necessarily do. Friends, family & colleagues with whom you travel will relish the experiences together long after returning home. The people you meet and the places you see will continue to provide everlasting memories. This is worth in the perfect form: a lasting souvenir to yourself that will only improve as the years advance.I request you to walk through this website & connect with our team to get a wonderful travel experience tailored just for you.”


Sumit Berry
Founder & Managing Director