Arctic Icebreaker Expedition, Arctic Circumnavigation

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Arctic Icebreaker Expedition, Arctic Circumnavigation
Duration of Stay- 75 Days
On this magnificient 75-day tour you will travel in true expedition style on the formidable Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker. We shall discover the famous Northeast Passage, explore Northern Greenland in its true self. There we will make shall attempt to make polar history by travelling through the best of the Canadian High Arctic area and enjoy the incredible journey through the Northwest Passage, all while enjoying the awe inspiring aerial views afforded by the Khlebnikov’s two on-board state of the art helicopters.
Your first journey shall begin through the famous Northeast Passage, encountering thick pack ice, distinct geological formations 1000’s of years old and the cultures of the fabled Russian Arctic. Khlebnikov’s sheer icebreaking force will take you to some of the worlds most magnificent regions that others would not dare not sail in there life (25 days).
The second voyage will take you to the isolated Greenland region. We shall visit the remains of Thule camps, enjoy the beauty of the “iceberg alley” , adventurous hiking, exciting photography, catch a glimpse into the lifestyle of the Ittoqqortoormiit residents, and discover the lush tundra and awe inspiring shore landings (21 days).
A Brief-
Travel on the magnificient, state of the art Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker
Take in the extrodinary aerial sightseeing on one of the ships two helicopters
Witness the incredible sights and sounds of the crushing of pack ice as you power through the ice-choked waters
View some of the most magnificent icebergs in the world crossing the famous Hall Bredning
Enjoy unparalled aerial views in one of two helicopters on Kapitan Khlebnikov ship
Visit this unexplored areas of Greenland and the extremeties of the Northeast Greenland National Park
Explore the magnificance of the remote regions and the charming villages
Explore the highlights of the Canadian High Arctic and the Greenland region
Encounter the fabled traditional cultures of the remote Canadian and Russian Arctic communities
Explore for yourself the important archaeological, historical sites of the early arctic exploration days
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