Drive the World Renowned Klausen Pass

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Drive the World-Famous Klausen Pass



Enjoy a 3-day, 2-night Swiss Alps driving experience for two people, driving the world-famous Klausen Pass, the venue for the prestigious Klausen Run vintage car race. This is the type of experience that creates memories which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Home of the fabled Klausen Run vintage car race, the Klausen Pass takes in some of the most inspiring mountain views imaginable. Connecting the cantons of Uri and Glarus, it extends through the majestic Schächten valley, at alta altitude, passing contorted landscapes, marvelous mountains and unique flora and fauna which can only be found at such a height.

Why you choose it?

Start your engines, for the unforgettable 3-night Swiss Alps driving adventure. Get behind the wheel of a premium sports convertible for an inspiring drive on the world-famous Klausen Pass, known for the Klausenrennen vintage car race and its spectacular scenery. Rest with five-star luxury , dine in Michelin star Mediterranean cuisine restaurants, and explore the picture perfect Swiss towns, the all so perfect lakeside resorts and bustling cityscapes in this driving experience to remember till the day you live.

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