Ducati Motorcycle Tour (Majestic Alps)

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Ducati Motorcycle Tour (Majestic Alps)
Country of Visit-Italy
Duration of stay-9 Days
Ideal Time to Visit-
1) July 07-15, 2016
2) July 30 – Aug 07, 2016
1) All overnights will be in comfortable and luxurious hotels during the lenght and breadth of the tour
2) Breakfast and all dinners including non-alcoholic beverages will be provided
3) A Motorcycle rental with unlimited mileage shall also be provided
4) A 3rd party liability insurance for the motorcycles will be provided in the tour
5) A comprehensive vehicle insurance for the motorcycles will be deductible according to the booked motorcycle model that you shall use
6) A tour information package including important safety tips, details about the hotels you shall be staying at, the route that you shall take and the sights will be included in the package
7) A tour guide shall be present also on a motorcycle
8) A support van for transporting the luggage (1 piece per person) and space for passengers (limited) will accompany the motorcyles on the entire tour
9) Edelweiss Riding Tips will also be provided
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