Day 01
Arrival in Iceland

The magical land of northern lights and Midnight Sun beckons you for charming experiences as you gear up to ride on the specialized Super Trucks.
Iceland is such a magical place that it might as well have been plucked out of a fairy tale! Look around and you will see volcanoes, waterfalls, glaciers and lava fields.
Professional will teach you how to drive in different conditions of snow, airing down the tires, driving through rivers and in other off-road conditions.

Day 02
Borgarfjörður – Ice Cave – Kaldidalur

All the vehicles will be lined up outside and you sit behind the wheel on our specially modified super truck with all its power in your hands! From Reykjavík we drive west to Borgarfjörður and up to Hotel Húsafell where the group enjoys a lovely lunch before we take the big glacier truck up to the glacier.
We will continue driing up the Langjökull glacier for an ice cap glacier exploration to a new attraction; the man-made Ice cave, located high on Europe’s second largest glacier, Langjokull. See the hidden and beautiful blue ice in the heart of the glacier. Experience the awesome ice cap glacial environment.
On our way back down from the glacier we will drive the highland road Kaldidalur to Þingvellir national park. End of the Day

Day 03
Unusual Golden Circle

Our first stop is the historic Thingvellir National Park, home of Iceland’s ancient Viking parliament and listed as a UNESCO’s World Heritage site. From there we head east towards Haukadalsheiði following a mountain road with great views of lava fields and Iceland’s second biggest glacier – Langjökull.
In Haukadalur, home of the great Geysir hot spring, the reliable Strokkur geyser erupts every few minutes. This incredible hot spring spouts boiling water to a height of 35 meters. Next we head towards the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall cascading down in the Hvítá River originating in the Langjökull glacier. Next we drive all the way to Langjökull Glaicer for the snowmobiling Adventure of the day, we explore the glacier on the snowmobiles – 1 person on each snowmobile.

Day 04
Arctic Trucks & Landmannalaugar

From the Grímsborgir we will be travelling to the most special area our backyard has to offer and will over a wide variety of tracks, through breathtaking mountain ranges.
We start with a drive through the beautiful Þjórsárdalur valley with a photo stop atGjáin and at Háifoss waterfall, second highest waterfall of the island that drops here from a height of 122 m.
From Þjórsárdalur we drive straight up to the mountains. This is the ultimate 4X4 experience, deserted tracks in combination with a stunning ruggedness of the surroundings, will result in an unforgettable experience. We drive to Landmannalaugar and to its comfy mountain hut at the borders of a warm river. The extraordinary mountains that surround the hut in Landmannalaugar will leave nobody untouched. After relaxing and enjoying a bath in the natural hot river we head to the hut and enjoy a BBQ leg of lamb. We spend the night in sleeping bag accommodation in the mountain hut.

Day 05
Landmannalaugar & Rangá

In the morning we pack all our gear and slowly we drive over the mountains and back to civilization. It will take some time to get down to the main road again, all depends on the weather and snow conditions.
We drive through Hrauneyjar and all the way down to Þjórsárdalur valley. We make some photo stops on the way, at Háifoss waterfall, second highest waterfall of the island that drops here from a height of 122 m.
From Þjórsárdalur we drive down to the south coast, to the luxury hotel Rangá. We enjoy a bath in the hot tubs and hopefully we see the northern lights dancing above our heads.
We enjoy a 3 course gourmet dinner at the hotel restaurant.

Day 06
Eyjafjallajökull – Þórsmörk – Reykjavik

In the morning we head to the foot of the world famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano. Our first stop is Seljalandsfoss waterfall where the brave ones can take a walk behind the waterfall as it falls from the cliffs. After driving between two glaciers on the rutted tracks and crossing some unbridged glacier rivers we arrive at Thorsmörk valley at the foot of Mýrdalsjökull glacier and Katla volcano. We visit the Gígjökull glacier as it crawls down the valley.
Our next destination are the black lava sand beaches where we admire the beauty and power of the North Atlantic Ocean right in front of us. Last but not least, we will stop at the waterfall Skógafoss before heading back to Hotel Reykjavik Centrum. On the way back to hotel we will hand over the cars back at the Artic truck headquarters.

Day 07
Reykjanes – Blue Lagoon – Reykjavík

We start the day with visit to the Reykjanespeninsula, we’ll stop to take a look at the panoramic view of a beautiful volcanic landscape at Kleifarvatnlake. The moon-like surroundings of the lake area never fail to leave a strong impression on our visitors.
Next we will visit the geothermal area of Krýsuvík where we take a short walk among the boiling hot springs and explore the unique and multi colored hills.
We end the Iceland adventure by relaxing in the Blue Lagoon, we float in the mily waters before we get back to Reykjavík city.
In the evening we dine at East India Company, the best Indian restaurant in downtown Reykjavik.

Day 08

Depart Back
Depart back to home.