Day 01
Arrival to Queen Alia international Airport (QAIA) Transfer to hotel in Amman.

Start your Middle Eastern sojourn in Amman, the beautiful capital of Jordan. Check in at the hotel and rest a while before you gear up for all the adventures in store.
Amman has a lot to offer with the Roman Citadel, Roman Amphitheater and souks (market) of all flavors. In the evening we have planned a memorable night for you at a local restaurant downtown. Get to know your fellow participants as you wine & dine together!

Day 02

Take charge of the 4X4’s especially arranged for you and get set to explore on wheels! First stop Madaba, a town carpeted with mosaics in vibrant colors from the Byzantine era. Keep driving till we reach Mount Nebo. It is on top of this mountain that Moses viewed the Promised Land of Canaan and where lies his Tomb.
The most thrilling part of the day begins when we reach the longest canyon in Jordan, Wadi Hasa. Witness natural gardens of palm trees, warm springs, hidden pools along the Wadi as it meanders towards the Dead Sea and get a slice of Heaven amidst the tranquil ambience. End the day in a 500-year old village in Dana Nature Reserve and get a first hand experience of the local culture.

Day 03
WADI DANA , WADI FINAN , WADI ARABA , PETRA . (180 km off road) .

A day filled with adventure starting with Desert Safari, driving on sand dunes and exploring 6000-year-old mines!
The Safari begins from Wadi Dana towards Wadi Araba with spectacular red sand dunes, Volcanic Mountains and awe-inspiring desert landscapes. Discover legends and fables from the days of the Old Testament in this mystical region. Visit 6000 year old Copper mines in Feinan that even find a mention in the Bible and discover how Romans worked these mines using Christian Slaves. Enjoy the drive on the King’s highway to reach Petra, a huge site and Jordan’s crown jewel. Discover masterpieces of a lost city that has fascinated visitors with its visual grandeur. We have planned a mini city tour for you with plenty of time to explore and satiate the historian in you.

Day 04
Petra – Wadi Rum Jeep Safari , Wadi Rum

We continue the Petra city tour, a rose red city half old as time! A marvel of natural beauty and mind-blowing engineering, Petra is just incredible. Situated between the Red Sea and the Dead Sea, inhabited since pre-historic times, an ancient trade route and one of the 7 Wonders of the world – Petra needs no introduction!
Walk with a local guide and explore the world’s richest and largest archaeological site set in a spectacular red sandstone landscape.
Drive to the moon like landscape of Wadi Rum Desert and feel like an astronaut. You can self drive your own 4X4 or take a jeep safari with a Bedouin guide as driving on the dunes can get very challenging. We will spend a few nights in a Bedouin Camps here. Discover how the days here are dramatic and dusty, and the nights are filled with blazing shooting stars and sightings of the Milky Way.

Day 05
Full day off Road , Sand Dunes, Jeep Safari in Wadi

Experience offbeat driving along the southern border of Wadi Rum vial the old Roman Road and discover natural rock bridges and incredible sculptures. Ride a camel through the very dramatic landscape with colorful hues of sand in pink and white! Get romantic under the stars as you witness the magic of a beautiful desert sunset.

Day 06
Dead Sea half day jeep Safari.

Drive through the Dead Sea Highway, witness remarkable scenery en route and reach the shores of Dead Sea that are thousands of feet below sea level, making it the lowest point on earth!
Float easily in the waters due to the unusually high salt levels making it a both lot of fun and therapeutic for all.

Day 07
Dead Sea

Just Float in the remarkable water of the Dead Sea or just sunbathe at the beach as you reminisce the days gone by in this beautiful country.

Day 08
15th October’16 –

Fly out.