An Exclusive Lamborghini

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Lamborghini Thrill

A Brief –

Drive the unbelievably fast Lamborghini, with a 6-figure price tag. This wonderful machine is generally reserved for the rich and the famous movie stars, businessmen and likewise. But now you have a oppurtunity to sit behind the wheel. This amazing supercar possesses the ability to reach speeds you know never could be reached. Take this opportunity to experience the thrill as you glide into the comfortable leather seat of the posh car.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is about the impressive looks and at the same time the power of an all-wheel drive, an aluminium chassis and a very powerful 5-litre 500bhp V10 engine. The driving techniques required to drive these beasts will be taught by experienced driving instructors before you head out to the track for the adrenaline pumped driving experience. There will be various venues for you to pick from to take the Lamborghini Thrill experience. The driving time involved at each location will vary but the main thing to be kept in mind is that experience will be definitely one of a kind.

To make your experience even more distinct and unique, why not pick a Real Race Track and follow in the tread of the world’s most fastest and famous racing drivers on these iconic tracks, venues. All Real Race Tracks used for championship races are marked with a * in the locations list which shall be provided to you.

What happens throughout the day?

On your arrival you shall begin with a brief on the safety and the various driving techniques requires from an experienced driving instructor/instructors. After which, you shall then head to the track and it will be time for driving the Lamborghini Gallardo.

Slip into the driving seat of the awe inspiring Lamborghini Gallardo for your adrenaline pumped drive with your instructor encouraging you throughout the way. The number of laps will be dependent on your chosen location and the length of circuit. The number of laps will be between three and six. At some locations you shall receive trial laps in a track prepared car. After the experience, you will be presented with a certificate or a driving assessment certificate as a souvenir of the experience which you shall never forget.

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