Live Like a Spy in a Espionage Experience

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Live Like a Spy in this Immersive Espionage Experience

A Brief-
Enter into the thrilling and the dangerous world of an internationally operating MI6 agent. Your life will be definitely transformed in this ellusive game of reconnaissance and intrigue. Spanning a total of two months the game’s plot will put to use the pragmatic elements of tradecraft, working with high level experts in the field on a top secret mission which demands utmost secrecy. The action will be woven into your habitual life. You shall be swept up in a real-time, fast-paced experience.
You will team up with pro experts for a mission with international significance. In this adventure you shall find out what it is actually like to live the life of an international spy. Experience an exciting surveillance op, and develop the traditional espionage skills needed including the all important tradecraft skills, agent recruitment skills, and the use of covert communications between you and the agency. You shall even work with a fantastic disguise expert, using one of your novel disguises in a real-time operational situation.
Why would you choose it?
Step into the shoes of an MI6 operative, and live through the ins and outs of an international intelligence agent’s life with this distinct, alluring game of reconnaissance written and directed by former United Kingdom and international intelligence pros. Your assignment, should you choose to accept it, may begin at any time now.Be prepared.

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