Luxury Soho Cinema & Dining for Two

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Location-London, England

A Brief-

The fancy Soho Hotel, previously called “The Most Glamorous Hotel in the World” by Mr. Tatler, is the perfect destination for a posh London cinema experience. Often referred to as the “Weekend Film Club”, the sought after Soho Hotel screens a “Film of the Week” every Sunday.

Enjoy the cinema in one of the 2 ultra modern screening rooms at the fancy Soho Hotel. Slip into the in vogue red leather sofas in hall one, or the luxurious soft cowhide in screening room number 2. Be absorbed with a modern or a classic film from the 80s, ranging from the latest blockbusters to the evergreen favorites such as Ben Hur or Doctor Zhivago.

The cinemas are screened in late afternoon, giving the jet set movie-goers the choice to go for a five-course lunch at a fine dining restaurant or afternoon tea at one of London’s fine cafes before the film, or even dinner afterwards. Refuel, the hotel’s popular and award-winning restaurant, serves lovely modern and global cuisine with a special emphasis on fresh, seasonal and natural(organic) produce. The afternoon tea includes lovely scones, fresh sandwiches and tasty cakes.
Why would you choose it?

Spend the ideal Sunday afternoon enjoying a luxurious movie experience and meal at the fancy and sought after Soho Hotel in London. Glide into red leather armchairs, with your warm and freshly made complimentary popcorn, watching either a new blockbuster or an evergreen classic film shown in the finest quality cinema projection and sound. Before or after your the viewing, you shall enjoy lunch, dinner or afternoon tea ( as per your wish) at the hotel’s restaurant popular and award winning restaurant -Refuel, with complimentary extras exclusively given to guests.

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