Swedish Ice Driving Adventure

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Swedish Ice Driving Adventure

A Brief-

Instigate your sense of adventure with a 3 day ice driving experience in beautiful Sweden. The experience offers the right blend of tradition and extravagant relaxation in Stockholm, followed by exciting racing in Sweden’s wonderful lake district.

With decades of rich history behind the place, the purest air and water of all of Europe’s capital cities, Stockholm offers the perfect place to rejuvinate. Stay right in the heart of the city, just a couple of minutes away from elite entertainment and shopping. Also, enjoy the historic sites of the Old Town and experience the taste of a Michelin-starred tasting menu for two people.


Why would you choose it?

Sweden offers a unique ice driving episode for people of all types, from the adventure-seeking novice to the seasoned competition pro. Navigate a roaring, rally-winning three hundred thousand horsepower Porsche 911 with studded tyres over an exciting ice-covered lake in the shadow of the great Mount Åre, in western Sweden. With first-hand instructions from a rally driving pro, this will be unique experience that you shall cherish for the rest of your life.

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