The Edge of Space & Aerobatic Experience

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The Edge of Space & Aerobatic Experience

A Brief-

The Edge of Space & Aerobatic program starts with aiming for the Stratosphere. You shall feel the excitement as you climb to the Edge of Space at supersonic speeds. It’s your oppurtunity to observe the Earth from a extremely high altitude. You shall observe the highly distinct boundary between the blue sky and the black outer space encompassing it.

After reaching the maximum height the Fighter Jet will descend to an altitude between 1 and 6 km from groung level. The Flight will be include a number of Aerobatic maneuvers from the basic to the most advanced level of difficulty. This will be based on your level of fitness and health as checked. Flying Inverted, the Hammer Head maneuver, the Roll, the Loop, the Low Level Pass, Tale slide and other maneuvers will be performed by an experienced pilot. The Edge of Space & Aerobatic Program lasts for about 40 to 45 minutes in total.


The Day of Your MiG 29 Flight

On the day of your MiG-29 flight, you will be picked up at 9 o’clock in the morning by our translator and the driver at the hotel lobby. After a short drive through the city, you shall arrive at the entrance of the SOKOL airfield,Russia. Security personnel will verifie your identity and give authorization required. Now the journey will continue in transport which will be provided by SOKOL, as only airbase vehicles are allowed to drive within the military area. The pilot will be waiting for you in an administration building within the airbase. In a briefing room, you will discuss your flight program together with your pilot. He will try to achieve as many of your wishes as possible within reason.
Next, you will be brought to a medical technician, who will measure your pulse and perform the required medical check-ups. Afterwards you will be brought to the changing room, and will be given boots, gloves, a helmet and a flight suit. As soon as you have changed, you drive onto the ramp, led by your pilot. And there “your” MiG-29 will be waiting for you and would be being readied by the ground crew. The pilot shall lead you to the aircraft and explain the systems. After an expansive tour and a close-up examination of the MiG-29 you shall climb the ladder to enter the cockpit followed by the Pilot. He shall explain the cockpit once more, especially the telescope, which you’ll have to retract yourself before the takeoff to create memories that you shall cherish for the rest of your life.

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