Itinerary based on shooting location


Day One – Arrival

Arrive on the island via the airport at Calvi and spend your first day in this historic and beautiful city. Elegance, sophistication and culture can be found in the form of Calvi’s attractive harbour, wonderful array of restaurants and intriguing ancient Citadel. Others will be drawn to the beach, with Calvi and its local area presenting a haven to lovers of the coast.

Day Two – Corte

The next stop on your perfect week in Corsica will guide you inland and introduce you to some of the island’s stunning and iconic natural landscapes. Corte is one of the most attractive prospects for those heading inland; a beautiful and striking mountain commune with great access to adventure and exploration amid the wild and rugged Regional Natural Park of Corsica.

Day Three

On day three of this fantasy itinerary, head back to the coast towards Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio. The city was the birthplace of Napoleon and you can learn about his legacy by visiting his birth home and museum. After absorbing the city’s culture and history, take to the beaches of the south-west, such as the gorgeous Cupabia Beach.

Day Four

Spend your next day at the southern tip of Corsica exploring the fascinating fortress town of Bonifacio. The town’s immense history and breath-taking location are among several factors behind paying a visit to Bonifacio, reinforced further by the possibility of mesmerising trips to the nearby Lavezzi Islands.

Day Five

Abandon your northern bearing early on day five and stop at the vibrant and stylish city of Porto Vecchio on the east coast. Spend your time dining on delicious Corsican cuisine as your overlook the water, admiring the many yachts floating into the harbour, and exploring some of the surrounding beaches such as wonderful San Ciprianu.

Day Six

Make your way gradually to the northern tip of the island, via the interesting and bustling city of Bastia. Cap Corse will be the primary focus on the sixth day of your perfect week in Corsica, and whether you choose to spend it lazing on beaches or exploring the photogenic landscapes by bicycle, the natural beauty of Cap Corse will keep you captivated throughout the day.

Day Seven

Spend your f day making the most of Corsica’s glorious 1000 km coastline. The beaches of the Desert des Agriates will be your oyster, hopping from the likes of Loto Beach to Saleccia Beach. Retire to the attractive little commune of Saint-Florent for an indulgent evening spent enjoying fresh seafood and drinks as the sun sets on your final day in Corsica.

Day Eight

Depart back to airport.