Bavarian Roadtrip in a Wiesmann Roadster

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Bavarian Roadtrip in a Wiesmann Roadster
Location- Bavaria
Cruise the Bavarian autobahn in style behind the wheel of a Wiesmann MF Roadster. Complete with luxury hotel stays in Munich, and the truely beautiful island town of Lindau, you can look forward to an adventure which creates a profound memory. Take pit-stops in the quaint Bavarian villages and visit the awe inspiring Neuschwanstein Castle, enjoying Michelin star dining all along the way.
From the Alps to the agriculturally rich Danube plain, Bavaria lends natural beauty, radiance and the perfect backdrop for your much deserved driving break. Navigate through the breathtaking panoramas complete with alpine views, flower-filled meadows and perfect lakeside lives of the local people.
With this 3-night stay, gain valuable insight into the beautiful Bavarian culture. You shall spend 2 nights in Munich, the traditional Bavarian capital and 1 night in the picture perfect island town of Lindau.
To ensure that you enjoy the best Bavaria has to offer, you shall be treated to Michelin-starred restaurants in both Munich and Lindau. In Munich, indulge in a delicious tasting menu dinner at Restaurant Esszimmer, recently awarded its 2 Michelin-star. You can look forward to perfection in the dishes prepared by some of the leading chefs not just in Germany but throughout the world. In Lindau, you shall be invited to dine at the much sought after Vilino, the only Michelin star rated restaurant in the city.
When you arrive in Munich, you shall receive the keys to your very own Wiesmann MF Roadster for the next couple of days. We will provide you with a personalised day-by-day itinerary(schedule) based on your preferences; including route maps, driving instructions to be followed, hand-picked scenic locations and restaurant suggestions that you would prefer.
Please note that the 2 Michelin star rated tasting menu dinner’s have been included in this package, however other meals along the way are not included. We shall be glad to make recommendations and arrangements upon request for any cuisine that you would prefer.
Day One-
Arrive in Munich, the historic capital of Bavaria. Check-in to your very own 5-star hotel and head out to the town for a leisurely stroll. Stop by for a Hofbräuhaus for a traditional pint (or a litre) of German beer and enjoy dinner at one of the city’s leading Michelin star restaurants.
Day Two-
Navigate your very ownWiesmann MF and begin your journey from the city of Munich. Make a short stop to Würzburg, one of the cities in Germany’s wine region. The splendid outdoor cafés and restaurants would be a lovely place for an early lunch. After the meal, get back on the road and drive all the way to Rothenburg, one of Germany’s best preserved Medieval towns.
After which, arrive in Lindau, often described as Germany’s ‘Garden of Eden’ and also nicknamed as the ‘Bavarian Riviera.’ Located on the shores of Lake Constance, closely bordering Austria, this beautiful town has awe inspiring Alpine views. In the evening, dine at the much sought after Villino, a Michelin star rated restaurant in the city. After the meal, enjoy a lovely stroll through the city centre and take in the night time sights of places such as the Lighthouse and Bavarian Lion Sculpture, or even the famous Historic Town Hall.
Day Three-
Continue your autobahn expedition and drive from Lindau to visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle. The castle which was originally built for King Ludwig II, was the very artistic inspiration behind the castle in Walt Disney’s famous Snow White and embodies the very essence of the era. Enjoy lunch in the village of Hohenschwangau, (just below the castle) and purchase the castle entry tickets, probably coupled with a horse drawn carriage to the castle..
Why you choose it?
The legendary German Autobahn experience boasts of limitless speed restrictions, and some of the finest panoramas in Europe. It is one of the top driving destinations in the world. Cruising the Bavarian Autobahn, whilst behind the wheel of one of the finest pieces of German engineering brilliance – the iconic Wiesmann MF – is an adventure and a dream for an entire generation of people. Now, the question remains are you coming or not?
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